Officials Highlight Urgent Need to Clear Waterway Encroachments Amidst Flooding Crisis

by Louisa Afful
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Angry residents of Dome Pillar 2, located in the Dome Kwabenya constituency of the Ga East Municipality in Greater Accra, took to blocking the main road to Christian Village today following severe flooding in the area.

The flooding, triggered by a brief but intense morning downpour, submerged several houses, prompting residents to blame the situation on unauthorized structures erected along the riverbank.

The incident required intervention from the Ghana Police Service, NADMO (National Disaster Management Organization), and the Ghana National Fire Service to restore order. Residents reported that within just 10 minutes of heavy rain, gutters and drainage systems overflowed, inundating homes with water levels rising above window height.

Local residents expressed frustration over long-standing issues with choked gutters and drainage, which they claim have gone unaddressed despite repeated appeals to authorities. Seth Osei Kissi, the NADMO Director for Ga East Municipal, highlighted residents’ fears of being swept away by floodwaters if immediate action isn’t taken. He underscored the presence of excavators along the street, aggravating the blockage of water flow. He stressed the critical imperative to swiftly remove encroachments along waterways to avert future flooding.

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