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by Louisa Afful
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In 2021, Wassa Amenfi Central District stood proud with a population of 119,117. Interestingly, men outnumber women, making up 53.0% of the population with 63,212 males, compared to 55,905 females at 47.0%.

Covering a vast 1,845.3 square kilometers, this district boasts a population density of 74.5 people per square kilometre. Nestled in a strategic location, it borders Prestea-Huni Valley to the Southeast, Wasa Amenfi East to the East, Wasa Amenfi West to the West, and Bibiani-Ahwiaso Bekwai to the North.

Governance here is robust, with five area councils supported by 23 elected assembly members and 11 government appointees. These leaders oversee 23 electoral areas, part of the broader 544 in the Western Region.

Diversity is a hallmark of Wasa Amenfi Central. The Akan ethnic group leads with 65.0% of the population, followed by Mole-Dagbani at 19.6% and Ewe at 4.8%. The remaining 9.2% is a vibrant mix of Gurma and other ethnic groups.

Religion plays a vital role in community life, with 77.0% of residents identifying as Christian. Muslims represent 13.4%, traditionalists are less than 1%, and 9.2% either follow other religions or have no religious affiliation.

Education is a priority, reflected in a literacy rate of 59.4% for those aged six and older, with men slightly ahead at 63.1% compared to 55.1% for women.

Agriculture is the backbone of the district’s economy, employing 64.6% of the workforce aged 15 and above. The industry sector engages 13.1% of the population, while the service sector thrives with 22.3%.

Wasa Amenfi Central District is a dynamic and diverse community, rich in culture, and driven by a strong agricultural base, vibrant leadership, and a commitment to education and religious harmony.


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1 comment

Edmund Fugar June 6, 2024 - 11:36 pm

With such an outstanding population for such a community like that, there must be more support in the field of their businesses which would bring about more economic development.


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