Yvonne Nelson Leads #DumsorMustStop Protest, Prompts Energy Minister to Act – Says Majority Leader Afenyo-Markin

by Louisa Afful
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Actress Yvonne Nelson led the #DumsorMustStop protest on Saturday, June 8, at the University of Ghana, drawing attention to the ongoing energy crisis. The protest, which saw participants march from the university’s main gate to the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout, has been deemed a significant wake-up call for the Energy Minister by Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin. According to Afenyo-Markin, this demonstration will push the minister to intensify efforts in resolving the sector’s challenges.

Addressing teachers in the Effutu constituency during the distribution of electronic gadgets under his one-teacher, one-laptop policy, Afenyo-Markin acknowledged the government’s ongoing efforts to address the energy crisis. He emphasized that the protest could accelerate these efforts, ensuring faster resolution.

Afenyo-Markin noted that Ghana’s energy supply is better compared to neighbouring countries like Nigeria, which faces severe energy shortages, along with Benin, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, and Cape Verde. Despite Ghana’s relatively stable supply, he agreed that more needs to be done to fully resolve the issue, reaffirming that this is a key reason Ghanaians voted for the current government.

He stated, “Ghana, we have made it, as a member of ECOWAS Parliament, if I look at the developments in the sub-region, even power, Nigeria, I’m just coming from Abuja, almost every household has a Gen set. You go to Benin, Togo, La Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Conakry, Equitorial Guinea, Cape Verde. They don’t have reliable power, we do, but even so, it’s not enough.”
The protest, which aimed to highlight the intermittent power supply issues, involved several demonstrators and was heavily monitored by about thirty police officers. Despite initial disagreements over the protest’s location, the event proceeded as planned, with organizers delivering a statement at the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout.

Afenyo-Markin concluded by urging continuous advocacy on the energy issue, acknowledging the impact of Nelson’s demonstration and stressing the importance of meeting the expectations of the electorate.

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