Tebu and Atoman Residents Protest Against Land Guard Violence, Demand Police Intervention

by Louisa Afful
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Chiefs and residents of Tebu and Atoman in Ga South, Greater Accra Region, are protesting against the violent activities of land guards in their area.

On Friday, June 14, 2024, three residents were shot by land guards, resulting in the death of Gabriel Alekye. In response, residents and their chiefs demonstrated on Tuesday morning, urging the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to intervene, alleging local police corruption due to bribes from the land guards.

A young woman expressed frustration, saying, “We need honest police officers because some have taken bribes and can’t help us.” Another resident highlighted the severity of the issue, noting that the land guards were extorting money and causing harm. She warned, “If the police don’t arrest them by Monday, we will take action.”

Residents claim that a man named Papa Nii is behind the land guards’ attacks, attempting to evict them. A young man shared a distressing encounter, saying, “Papa Nii’s men chased me out of the toilet. We were born here, and now he wants to force us out.”

Community leaders criticized the police for not addressing their complaints despite a petition to the IGP. A chief said, “The land guards, with police support, are committing crimes. We want the IGP to investigate, as the regional commander is aware but unresponsive.”

The chiefs and residents demand immediate action from the police to stop the land guards and restore safety to their community.

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