NPP Parliamentary Candidate’s Comments on Attacking Military Criticized as Reckless

by Louisa Afful
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Ernest Frimpong, the NPP parliamentary candidate for Amenfi East, has drawn criticism for allegedly urging constituents to attack the military if they intervene in illegal mining activities. Andy Kwame Appiah-Kubi, Member of Parliament for Asante Akyem North, described Frimpong’s remarks as a display of inexperience and ignorance of the limits of political power, especially concerning law enforcement.

During an interview on the KeyPoints with Alfred Ocansey on Saturday, June 15, 2024, Appiah-Kubi, who is also a legal practitioner, emphasized that such statements could incite violence and undermine public safety. He pointed out the significant distinction between the roles of the military and the police, noting that the military’s training primarily prepares them for combat situations, unlike the police who are trained in maintaining public order and protecting civilians.

Appiah-Kubi cautioned against encouraging criminal behavior, highlighting the dangerous consequences of confrontations with the military. He underscored that such actions could escalate into violence and endanger lives, stressing the importance of respecting lawful authority even in the face of disagreements.

The MP urged political leaders, including Frimpong, to exercise responsibility in their statements and actions, emphasizing that reckless rhetoric could lead to severe repercussions. He called on the public to refrain from acts that could jeopardize peace and stability in their communities, urging a commitment to lawful and peaceful means of addressing grievances.

The remarks by Frimpong, reported during a crucial election period, have sparked widespread debate and concern over their potential to incite unrest and undermine law and order in Amenfi East and beyond.

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