Man Struck and Killed by Lightning in Ho, Volta Region; Body Unattended Due to Ritual Beliefs

by Louisa Afful
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The body of a 55-year-old man named Galley Kofi, struck and killed by lightning, has been left outside his home in Tokokoe Electoral Area, Ho Municipality. The incident occurred on Thursday evening around 6:30 PM while Galley was in his room with his girlfriend. According to reports, the sudden lightning strike caused his immediate death, shocking and frightening the community.

Local authorities, including the Assemblyman Raymond Kporvu, explained that cultural beliefs require specific rituals to be performed before the body can be moved. Despite visits from police and NADMO officials to assess the situation, family members requested time to consult a shrine and conduct necessary rites.

As of Sunday morning, June 23, the body remained outside. Plans were in place for a fetish priest to perform the rituals later in the day. The Assemblyman expressed concerns about health risks posed by the decomposing body but assured that it would be removed once the rituals were completed, aiming to protect the community from potential hazards.

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