Man, 37, in Critical Condition After Sex in Bush Leads to Severe Testicle Swelling

by Louisa Afful
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Kwabena Ebo is fighting for his life and seeking urgent help due to severe swelling in his testicles following a sexual encounter with an ex-girlfriend in a bush. The incident occurred about 10 years ago in Gomoa Dawurampong, Central Region, while his wife was at home with their newborn baby.

Recalling the ordeal in an interview with Adom News, Ebo explained that he was fetching foodstuff on a farm when his ex-girlfriend appeared and forced him into having sex. A few days later, he began experiencing a burning sensation and noticed small rashes around his testicles, which have since grown larger.

Despite seeking help from pastors and herbalists, Ebo’s condition has not improved, and he is now confined to his room, unable to move freely.

He is appealing to the public for any assistance that could alleviate his suffering and provide a solution to his medical condition.

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