Mahama Urges Seriousness in Presidency, Criticizes Trivialization in Campaigns

by Louisa Afful
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John Dramani Mahama, the 2024 Flagbearer of the NDC, has emphasized the seriousness of the presidency, saying it should only be entrusted to capable leaders. He criticized the trivialization of political campaigns and mocked gestures like handing over a mythical steer, stressing that Ghana faces urgent challenges that require serious leadership.

Mahama questioned Vice President Dr. Bawumia’s habit of taking credit for successes while avoiding responsibility for failures of the NPP government. He condemned outdated slogans and deceptive practices in politics, asserting that such behavior would not be accepted by Ghanaian voters.

He argued that the country is in a serious situation and called for genuine leadership, not comedy or false claims. Mahama expressed disbelief at claims that shift responsibility while claiming credit, calling it insulting to voters and unsuitable for the presidency.

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