Ho High Court Orders Peter Amewu to Testify in SALL Election Dispute Amid Legal Challenges

by Louisa Afful
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The Ho High Court has directed Peter Amewu, the second respondent in the ongoing SALL election dispute, to testify on July 2, 2024. This decision came after Mr. Amewu’s lawyer informed the court that his client couldn’t appear earlier due to a national assignment.

The court expressed concern over Mr. Amewu’s absence, noting previous incidents where he allegedly evaded court officials for nearly a year and his associates reportedly assaulted bailiffs.

During the proceedings, the court introduced two additional legal matters raised by Mr. Amewu’s legal team. These issues questioned the constitutionality of C.I 128 and the Electoral Commission’s authority to place SALL communities under the Jasikan District.

Lawyers for the petitioners argued that the court had already addressed these issues in the ongoing case. In contrast, Mr. Amewu’s counsel and the Electoral Commission defended C.I 128’s legality, citing its role in the 2020 elections nationwide.

Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata, representing the petitioners, emphasized that the case primarily concerned the Hohoe constituency and the validity of C.I 128 in removing SALL areas from that electoral district.

In conclusion, the court allowed the second respondent to submit any additional witness statements related to the new issues within three days. Mr. Amewu’s lawyer indicated they might not file further statements and suggested his client might choose not to testify at all.

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