GWR Denies Chef Smith’s Record-Breaking Cooking Marathon Claim

by Louisa Afful
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Chef Smith’s recent claim of breaking the world record for the longest cooking marathon is under scrutiny. Guinness World Records (GWR) stated they did not receive any application from him for the record attempt.

On July 2, 2024, Chef Smith announced his record-breaking feat at a press conference held at La Palm Beach Hotel. However, GWR clarified they have no record of his application or attempt.

Madalyn Bielfeld, PR Manager at GWR, stated, “We have not received an application from him for this attempt. The longest cooking marathon (individual) is 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds, achieved by Alan Fisher in Japan from September 28 to October 3, 2023.”

When asked about potential legal action against Chef Smith, Bielfeld said, “We cannot comment on this at this point.”

The legitimacy of Chef Smith’s claim to the Cook-a-thon title remains unverified by GWR.

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