Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Issues Strong Warning Against Violence Towards Soldiers Amidst Viral Social Media Videos.

by Louisa Afful
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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has issued a powerful warning to the public after the circulation of viral videos on social media encouraging attacks on soldiers and other security personnel GAF strongly denounces any incitement to violence against its members, emphasizing that such actions are illegal and pose a threat to national security and stability.

In a public statement, GAF reiterated its commitment to protecting the nation’s security and civilians while upholding professionalism, discipline, and human rights. The statement also urged the public to report any misconduct by soldiers to the nearest police station or military barracks for appropriate disciplinary action, rather than resorting to violence.

GAF reminded citizens that soldiers, like everyone else, have the right to self-defence when confronted with imminent threats. However, GAF cautioned that any confrontations could have serious consequences and stressed the importance of avoiding them.

Attacking or assaulting soldiers is a punishable offense under the law, emphasized GAF, urging all citizens to respect and support the Armed Forces. The statement called for public cooperation in refraining from engaging in or promoting violence against soldiers.

Ghana Armed Forces reaffirmed its commitment to professionalism, integrity, and service to the nation, emphasizing collaboration with other security agencies to protect Ghana’s interests while upholding citizens’ rights and dignity. GAF encouraged the public to communicate concerns or grievances through the Department of Public Relations, maintaining an open-door policy to address issues constructively.

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