GARID Program Takes Charge of Nima-Paloma Storm Drain Reconstruction

by Louisa Afful
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The GARID program has stepped in to reconstruct the Nima-Paloma Storm Drain, a long-awaited project aimed at improving flood resilience and waste management in the Odaw River basin. Residents hope this initiative will solve persistent flooding and waste problems in their communities.

Dr. Kwadwo Ohene Sarfoh, GARID Coordinator, highlighted that covering the drain will prevent garbage dumping, a major cause of local flooding. The project is expected to be completed within 18 months, and Dr. Sarfoh urged residents to support the construction process despite potential inconveniences.

Local residents are optimistic about the development, anticipating relief from years of suffering due to flooding and waste issues. However, some remain sceptical, hoping it won’t end up as mere political rhetoric.

The reconstruction of the Nima-Paloma Storm Drain signals a new phase of resilience and relief for Odaw River basin communities. With GARID’s involvement, residents are hopeful for a future free from the devastating impacts of flooding and poor waste management.

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