EFF Condemns Kenyan Police Violence During Finance Bill Protests

by Louisa Afful
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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) strongly condemns the tragic deaths of five people in Kenya due to police actions during protests against the Finance Bill 2024. The EFF criticizes the use of live ammunition on unarmed protesters, calling it a clear violation of human rights.

Tensions escalated on Tuesday as demonstrators marched towards Kenya’s parliament. Instead of calming the situation, police opened fire on the crowd, resulting in five deaths and more than 30 injuries.

The Kenyan government worsened the situation by deploying the military, claiming a “security emergency.”

President William Ruto’s response, labelling protesters as “criminals” and threatening to quell “violence and anarchy,” disregards the legitimate grievances of the Kenyan people, according to the EFF.

The Finance Bill 2024, aimed at extracting over $2.7 billion in taxes from a struggling populace, is seen by the EFF as serving Western interests at the expense of Kenyan citizens. The bill follows recommendations from the IMF and World Bank, organizations criticized for imposing harsh loans and austerity measures that hinder economic growth and perpetuate poverty.

The EFF denounces the military deployment against unarmed protesters as unethical, asserting that the military’s role is to protect, not confront citizens with legitimate concerns.

The EFF demands President Ruto immediately halt the violent suppression of protests, withdraw military and police forces, and engage in meaningful dialogue with the people of Kenya. They insist on respecting and hearing the voices of the people without resorting to violence or intimidation.

Furthermore, the EFF calls for accountability for those responsible for the violence and the swift release of detained protesters.

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