Dr. Lawrence Tetteh Sees 2024 Election as Chance to Reshape Nation’s Democratic Landscape

by Louisa Afful
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Reverend Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, has emphasized the transformative potential of the 2024 general elections in Ghana, urging the nation to redefine its narrative and emerge as a shining example of democracy in Africa once again.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency following a three-day retreat in Ho, Dr. Tetteh underscored the collective responsibility of key stakeholders, including the Electoral Commission, citizens, political parties, and religious and traditional leaders, to ensure a peaceful and progressive electoral process.

As a renowned Evangelist, Economist, and philanthropist, Dr. Tetteh emphasized the importance of transparent electoral processes in fostering trust among citizens. He called for the strengthening of electoral institutions, the independence of the Electoral Commission, and the implementation of secure and transparent voting procedures.

Dr. Tetteh urged Christians and faith-based organizations to champion peace in the upcoming elections, urging them to use their platforms to promote harmony, tranquillity, and coexistence. He offered prayers for peace in the Volta region and across Ghana, expressing confidence that the elections would be conducted fairly and leave the country united.
Addressing the issue of electoral integrity, Dr. Tetteh admonished politicians against using monetary incentives to sway voters, urging them to respect the electorate’s autonomy in choosing their leaders.

Furthermore, he called on the Electoral Commission to intensify its educational efforts on the electoral process, stressing the importance of staying ahead of political agendas. Dr. Tetteh also urged the National Commission for Civic Education to engage youth in constructive activities to deter them from violence and undue influence during the electoral period.
In his impassioned plea for a peaceful and prosperous electoral journey, Dr. Tetteh’s words serve as a rallying call for all Ghanaians to uphold the values of democracy and unity as the nation approaches this crucial moment in its history.


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