Controversy Erupts Over ‘Killy Killy’ Sound Engineering Credits as Kulubayo Claims Lack of Recognition

by Louisa Afful
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In a recent interview on 3FM, sound engineer Martinson Ampadu, known as Kulubayo, stirred controversy by claiming he was not adequately recognized for his work on the hit song ‘Killy Killy’ by artist Larruso. Kulubayo asserted his pivotal role in the song’s success, highlighting his exclusive involvement in its sound engineering, which he believes significantly contributed to its popularity.

He expressed disappointment that credit was given to another famous sound engineer who did not work on the track, despite his integral contributions. Kulubayo also revealed he wrote some lyrics and recorded part of the hook, underscoring his creative input.

Despite ‘Killy Killy’ amassing over 1.9 million views, Kulubayo lamented receiving only GHS 100 for his efforts, which he deemed inadequate given the song’s success. He accused Larruso’s team of exploiting his loyalty by engaging him for other projects without proper acknowledgment or compensation.

In response, Larruso’s manager, Jadon, defended their stance, stating they had not been aware of recent interviews where Kulubayo aired grievances. He cautioned against publicizing internal disputes, emphasizing the importance of professionalism and preserving their working relationship.

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