Christian Council Chairman Urges Ghanaians to Focus on Competence in Elections, Not Religion or Ethnicity

by Louisa Afful
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Reverend Dr. Hilliard Dela Dogbe, Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, emphasized that elections should be based on candidates’ competence and ideas, not their religion or ethnicity. Speaking at the Pentecost Convention Centre in Gomoa, he urged Ghanaians to focus on qualifications and vision when choosing leaders.

Reverend Dogbe warned that reducing elections to religious or ethnic issues undermines democracy and creates division. He stressed the need for voters to prioritize candidates’ abilities to address key issues like economic development, healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

He called on political parties to promote candidates committed to public service with clear plans for the nation’s progress. Reverend Dogbe also encouraged religious and community leaders to educate followers on voting based on merit, not affiliations.

As Ghana prepares for its upcoming elections, Reverend Dogbe’s call for a focus on competence and ideas aims to foster a more inclusive and effective political system.

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