Alleged Hospital Ambulance Leaves Elderly Patient in Bush

by Louisa Afful
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A distressing incident unfolded in Gomoa Ojobi as reports emerged of an elderly patient, believed to be in their late 60s and wearing a P.O.P on their legs, being abandoned in a bush. Allegedly, this action was perpetrated by an ambulance from Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital in the Central Region.

According to sources within the Police Service, the victim, who had been involved in an accident, was receiving treatment at Winneba Trauma Hospital. However, the hospital reportedly discharged the patient and left her in the bush after failing to locate any family members.

Eyewitnesses in Gomoa Ojobi recounted seeing the ambulance driver removing the patient, who was in a wheelchair, and abandoning her in the bush. Residents expressed shock and dismay at the hospital’s actions, questioning the morality and legality of such behavior.

In response to the situation, Gomoa Ojobi Community Chairman, Apostle Robert Afraku, urged authorities and the Gomoa East Social Welfare to intervene urgently and rescue the patient to save her life. Despite these alarming developments, the management of the hospital has remained silent on the matter, leaving many questions unanswered

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