14-Year-Old Hero Slays 14-Foot Python, Bringing Relief to Terrorized Ghanaian Community

by Louisa Afful
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Fourteen-year-old Master Kwame Junior courageously defeats massive 14-foot python on Central Region sugarcane farm. This act of bravery has earned him widespread admiration, as the snake had terrorized residents in the farming community for months.

Junior discovered the massive python trapped in his brother’s snare while heading to harvest sugarcane for his pigs. The snake, struggling violently and uprooting vegetation, presented a daunting challenge.

First, he severed the snake’s tail and then decapitated it, ensuring it was dead. Fearlessly, he carried the python back to his home, a 15-minute walk, where the community celebrated his triumph over the fearsome creature.

Junior’s courageous act has been praised by many in the KEEA Municipality, with residents hailing him as a true hero. He also warned the community to stay vigilant, noting that this was not his first encounter with a large python and suspecting there could be more in the area.

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